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Icon meme-age   
03:17am 25/05/2010
mood: tired
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six/seven of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

spotts1701 chose, well, all of mine ;)

LOL IconsCollapse )

Okay, and now it's late as all get out and I get to enjoy my kanji study-o-rama again tomorrow (heh, yeah, enjoy... learning so many kanji in just ten weeks is bloody torture, but I signed up for it, now I need to get through it. If you don't see me online for a while, this would be why). Night night!
What D&D character might I be?   
07:15pm 25/02/2010
mood: tired
MEME TIME!Collapse )
Video Game review!   
07:22pm 10/01/2010
mood: okay
I just realized that I never wrote a review of "Atelier Annie," the DS game I really wanted to (and did) play at the end of November/beginning of December. This shall be remedied!

Atelier AnnieCollapse )

Soooo... when Judge Ghis slaughtered the everloving fuck out of me in FFXII with the last save point having appeared half an hour earlier right before a nasty gauntlet run filled with enemies, I said "fuck it" and started playing "Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny." In other words, have a review!

Atelier Iris 2Collapse )

There we go, got the reviews out of the way for now. I am still playing on "Spirit Tracks" and will write that up once I'm done with it, possibly next weekend depending on how busy this week gets. YAY SEMESTER START TOMORROW *sigh* Ah well, summer's coming soon enough and then I get to laze for a few months again.
Geez, it's been a while again...   
12:14am 27/12/2009
mood: okay
... So yeah, another semester over, with my GPA intact. My brain had already started shutting down three weeks before it was actually over, so the beginning of December was quite a struggle. Next semester, I'll be taking Japanese 302, contemporary Japanese lit, German phonetics and *sigh* Geography. Goddamn core curriculum, can it be over now? At least this is my second to last core course I have left, after this, I only have to sit through the stupid sports course.

I have given up on "Suikoden Tierkreis" because it really bored me (no, it's not horribly bad, it just totally lost my interest. Make of that what you will). Played through "Chrono Trigger DS" in the meantime and am now working on "Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" (which is pretty damn awesome so far, much, MUCH better than "Phantom Hourglass"). As I am currently between semesters, I have also fired up the PS2 again and am currently working on FFXII (which is already starting to get on my nerves a bit, but at least so far, the characters don't annoy me, which must be a new record for a Final Fantasy after VI). I'm still learning on the Gambit system and I wish I could buy more magicks (I do have the license for Raise and Esuna, for example, but I am nowhere I can purchase the damn things). I bought FFXII in a Buy-2-Get-1-Free deal on Black Friday, along with "Tales of the Abyss" (FUCK YEAH I GOT MY OWN COPY!) and "Atelier Iris II" - if FFXII annoys me too much, I might switch over to "Atelier Iris." I also have this urge to replay Xenosaga III... at some point, I will have to give in.

Well, enough blabbing for now, this blurb should prove that I am, indeed, still alive :D Those of you who know my RL name, find me on FaceBook, I tend to update more frequently over there!
O RLY   
09:10am 12/11/2009
mood: not surprised
Lou Dobbs says he is leaving CNN

So, Lou, dahling... considering that you've turned more and more into Mr. "CHUCK OUT THEM BROWN PEOPLE" over the years, may I make a prediction on where you're gonna go next? Yeah, it starts with "F" and does not really adhere to its tagline.
Deutschland rocks!   
09:49am 19/10/2009
mood: amused

According to the article that accompanied this fine map (which you can find on this blog), Germany has 289 heavy metal bands, the most in Europe.

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qoSlIj DatIvjaj, spotts1701   
04:35pm 08/10/2009
mood: cheerful
Yep, I'm still alive.   
09:13pm 05/10/2009
mood: calm
Since it's been a while since I updated, I thought I'd write something again :D

The semester has long since started, and everything's going okay school-wise. Weight-wise, I've been consistently below 130 lbs, which was my goal weight, so everything's in the green there. I've recently started playing "Suikoden Tierkreis", which is okay, but not superduperfantastic so far. Everything's going okay. It'd be better if the husband had found a new job already, but otherwise, it's all good.
Guess what? GAME REVIEWS!   
12:52am 21/08/2009
mood: okay
So, just a few days ago, I finished both "Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney" and "Tales of the Abyss", and I'm here to tell you about them before classes start again next week ;)

Oh, ryogalost, let me know if and when you're at home this weekend, and I'll bring the game by your place! Thanks for letting me borrow it!

Well *cracks knuckles*, let's get to it. As usual, there are quite probably spoilers behind the cuts, so read at your own risk.

Apollo JusticeCollapse )

So, in conclusion, I liked the game okay standing alone, but as a game in the "Ace Attorney" series, I found it lacking. Of course, now I'm out of lawyer games until the Edgeworth game comes out... oh well, maybe I'll play "Harvey Birdman".

Tales of the AbyssCollapse )

So yeah, the game had a few issues, but when all is said and done, this definitely is one of the better titles of the franchise, even if you don't enjoy it as much as I did. It certainly is a billion times better than "Legendia" was. I won't recommend buying it, since used copies are relatively hard to find and therefore go for more than they cost new, but if you're interested in the (really quite involved) story, check out the "Tales of the Abyss" anime. This is the first "Tales" game to get a whole 26-episode run (Phantasia and Symphonia had only 4 OAV eps each and were barely understandable for people who didn't play the games beforehand, and Eternia got a fragmented and uninvolving 13 episodes), and from what I've seen in spot checks, it follows the game pretty closely, although here and there it smushes some boss fights together which were separate in the game. Most of them aren't so major that they need their own episodes, though - they were fun to fight separately in the game, but didn't make for enough storyline to show separately. Otherwise, large portion of the game script are kept intact - the ending of the anime is almost word for word identical to the end of the game.

So yeah, in short, you want to know what the hype is about, but don't want to spend 50 bucks on a PS2 game or don't even have a PS2? Watch the anime. This time around, it's actually worth it.

Okay, that's enough for now, this post is long enough and I need to get my butt to bed. Tomorrow is hair-dying time, and Monday, it's back to class. Bye for now!
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Some moar game reviews and some bad news   
05:46pm 21/07/2009
mood: apathetic
Well, since I wrote the last entry, we got the news that the husband was laid off. Thankfully, this doesn't automatically mean moving back to the middle of nowhere and being up shit creek without a paddle this time around, but it'd still be nice if he found something quickly... *sigh*

In other news, I just finished the third Phoenix Wright game (and of course the second one before that) and thought I'd talk some about those two. Yes, there will be spoilers.

Justice for All and Trials and TribulationsCollapse )

And that is what I think about that :D Will probably take a couple of days to advance my save in "Tales of the Abyss" a bit more (because while I'm not looking at a walkthrough, the hidden extras guide I *do* consult seems to indicate that there is still a whole lot of game left) and maybe start on "Apollo Justice", the fourth "Ace Attorney" game, next week.
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02:09pm 25/06/2009
mood: okay
So, as promised in the last post, I wanted to write a review or four... lessee what I can do :P
Need I say that there are spoilers behind the cuts? So, look at your own risk.

Mana Khemia Student AllianceCollapse )

Phoenix Wright Ace AttorneyCollapse )

Star TrekCollapse )

UpCollapse )

Well, so much for that. I might watch some TV now, and later, I'm gonna start "Tales of the Abyss" and possibly the second "Phoenix Wright" game. Later!
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*is dead like a dead thing from lulz*   
03:00am 22/06/2009
mood: awake
Oh wow. First Hamtaro sex, then tribbles up the ass, now THE BESTEST ENGRISH PHOENIX WRIGHT SLASH FIC EVAR. Today is clearly special.

Reviews of Mana Khemia and a couple of movies probably coming up within the week, if I can keep from playing lawyer.
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Whew, almost done!   
02:08pm 17/06/2009
mood: accomplished
Holy crap, has it really been almost a month since I last posted?! I didn't notice the time fly by... although, my summer courses will be over come this weekend. The last five weeks have been very intense, to say the least - there always was something to do for class, and having to be there every single morning at 8:30 AM didn't help... but hey, it's almost done and I'm ready to fire up the gaming consoles and settle down with a mountain of books for the next couple of months. Oh, and my bike and possibly some runnin' shoes, seeing that I still wanna lose 5-6 more lbs.
Woohoo, homework done!   
05:45pm 22/05/2009
mood: accomplished
... and I just noticed that I haven't posted again in a while.

Well, the spring semester ended well, I got all my A's as hoped for, I spent a week vegging out something fierce, and since this Monday, the first summer session has started. I will be taking two courses until about the 20th of June: Japanese culture and business Japanese. That keeps me busy in the morning - the courses run from 8:30 AM (*urgh*) till about 11:50 AM every day. Since the pace is pretty stiff as we only have five weeks to cover everything, there's enough homework to be done on a daily basis, but not so much I'd be ridiculously occupied all day long. Now, today, I did work until just now, but since this was a whole weekend's worth of homework and I don't have to do anything anymore until Tuesday (Monday is Memorial Day, yay!), it was definitely worth it :D

Went to the doc for A1C testing on the last day of finals week. Result: 5.6. That's better than some of you non-diabetic folks have ;) Am on the final ten lbs for weight loss right now, but damn, those are a bitch. Am thinking about postponing them to the two months of free time after these courses are done, I can afford not being able to think thanks to being half-starved (exaggerating here, of course - starving yourself doesn't do any good, either, you'll just bounce back, but no snacking - or snacking on nothing but pickles and celery - doesn't help too much for the Little Hunger inbetween meals)/exercising my ass off for hours at a time then a lot easier.
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Urdy got a jar of *real* Kimchi!   
05:44pm 27/04/2009
mood: happy
... not just the wilted cabbage in a can that's been pickled in a bit of Louisiana Hot Sauce. No, REAL salty, fishy, spicy, makes-your-tongue-tingle Kimchi! And it is still the food of the gods and the best way to use anchovies ever thought up. *digs into her bowl*

Tomorrow: Japanese 202 oral final exam. Wish me luck!
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Just to let you know I'm still alive   
02:10pm 05/04/2009
mood: okay
... yep, still around. Dropped my politics course in the meantime, since I didn't want it to stink up my GPA (which wasn't a definite, but might have happened, and I'm not gonna fuck over my GPA with a stupid core curriculum course). Still left with German grammar, German lit history and intermediate Japanese.

Last weekend, we visited a friend up in Ft. Wayne, watched "Monsters vs. Aliens" (pretty generic, sadly), went out for, nay, stuffed ourselves with sushi (long live the mighty unagi!), conducted some food experiments (the pickled octopus was surprisingly nommy... the natto, I will never put into my mouth again. Really) and played "Arkham Horror", the Call of Cthulhu board game, for about four hours while a pretty heavy storm outside provided some fitting atmosphere :D

So, as you can see, life's been pretty good. Still set to take two courses during the first summer session, so I have school until the end of June for a change. I don't mind, I still get to sit around twiddling my thumbs for nearly two months after that.

So yeah, that's it. Still alive and kicking and stuff :D

Oh, and my weight lost since October: 45 lbs (I got down to 50 in the meantime, but it's really hard to keep it down there - I'm on the last 10 lbs, and as you may have read, those are the biggest bitch to get off and keep off. I'm not gonna stress over it, considering this is the lightest I've been since I graduated from high school).
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Whatever happened to respect for the English language... *sigh*   
11:34am 05/03/2009
mood: exasperated
So, this week, I have finally learned that there seems to be no stratum of society in which the English language is respected anymore.

On Tue, we had a guest lecturer in my politics class, a guy who, as far as I understood it, applied for a professorial position at this university and has a doctorate.

What sadly stood out the most about his PowerPoint presentation was that he had no clue how to use an apostrophe. Not only did he not manage to form a proper possessive a couple of times, he had one instance of A PLURAL WITH AN UNNECESSARY APOSTROPHE! *steam comes out of ears*

The same day, when I got home, I found one of those form letters of our district's State House Representative in the mail box. As I read over it while unlocking the door, my eyes fall on the phrase "good-paying jobs."


Seriously, people, are you actively working on losing the last bit of respect I had for you?
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09:52pm 25/02/2009
mood: blah

Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test...

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Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

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Is it bad that I'm annoyed that my tech geek cred is too low IMO? :-P   
11:50pm 01/02/2009
mood: okay

NerdTests.com says I'm a Cool Nerd Queen.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and talk to others on the nerd forum!
So... video games!   
02:19pm 20/01/2009
mood: sick
I recently played through a couple of games, and thought I'd let you know my thoughts on them. Remember: There are probably spoilers behind the cuts, so venture in there at your own risk!

Final Fantasy VICollapse )

The World Ends With YouCollapse )

Well, so much for that. I was really sick last night (probably a bout of food poisoning) and am therefore kinda tired today. I'll post about the new semester and other miscellany sometime later this week.
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